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There I was yesterday, sitting at work perusing a Globe magazine, when I came upon a familiar face from my past: 80's teen heartthrob Corey Haim.  I looked further into the article, as an old girlfriend would read a past suitor's engagement announcement, and to my horror the article detailed the pathetic story of a down and out Corey selling his hair and a pulled, rotten tooth on Ebay.   Shocked and dismayed, I went home and picked through the internet, wondering just what had brought this former star of my French-kissing fantasies to this very unattractive point.  After realizing that there were a whole lot of women (and men) out there who felt that same burning in their loins back when Duran Duran blared over the radio, and as a matter of fact still do, I pieced together a very unsavory timeline.  And now I present to you the downward spiral of a man who was the dream prom date of every pubescent girl in 1988.

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